Wondering why you should choose tubes as your preferred packaging choice?


As consumers, we have become accustomed to seeing food products packaged in glass jars, metal cans and plastic bottles.  Unfortunately, this has lead us to believe that the idea of food in tubes is a little out of the ordinary. We fail to realize that  tubes in fact are a fabulous and unique packaging option.  Tubes not only hold a number of features and benefits, but it is also a convenient and possibly a more environmentally friendly option.

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We work directly with our parent company, Montebello Packaging, who can provide the perfect package for your trusted brand. Our ability to design and manufacture tubes that meet your exact requirements is what sets your package apart from the competition.

Montebello has over 60 years of tube production experience with dedicated facilities located in the United States and Canada. Our product specific Laminate and Aluminum Plants  specialize in creating the highest quality tube. Montebello offers a knowledgeable sales force, flexible run sizes, in-house graphics department and responsive customer service support. This paired with Monfitello’s filling service allows you to have a turnkey product all under one roof! 

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