Established in 2007 and specialize in the packaging of food products in tubes.

We are the food division of our parent company, Montebello Packaging, North America’s leading supplier of aluminum and laminate tubes to the pharmaceutical, industrial, cosmetic and food industries. Monfitello Inc, is in fact the first and only Canadian filler of food and beverages in tubes. We offer private labeling and co-packaging opportunities and hope to help you differentiate your brand and specialty food with our new wave in food packaging. We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you to help you use our custom packaging and filling to offer your innovative products an edge that no other has.

We want to help you share your story and differentiate your brand from your competitors!​

Our Mission

First, let us ask you a question:

How often have you contemplated opening a new jar or can of herb or tomato paste, when all you need is that one small teaspoon to flavour your dish?

Well our mission is to promote and facilitate tube as a preferred food packaging choice. We want to help you say goodbye to the endless number of opened cans, sore hands from difficult jars, mess from can openers, and the long lasting fuss of additional work.

Tubes are perfect for the current on-the-go world lifestyle we have all become accustomed to. Simply squeeze the amount you need, and toss the cap back on, and you are good to go. You can forget about the can openers, difficult jars and all that extra space taken in your refrigerator. We’re proposing the no muss, no fuss, easy squeeze solution. Squeeze what you need and re-place the cap to re-close. Its as simple as that. Plus they’re lightweight, shatterproof and kid friendly!

How It Works

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Tube Manufacturing

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Monfitello; your one stop shop!

Monfitello & Sustainability

Here at Monfitello & Montebello Packaging, we aim to be as cautious of our actions and do our best with regards to our impact on the environment.  We understand that it is of utmost importance to contribute and do our fair share to:

We work closely with our suppliers to reduce packaging for raw materials

We strive to decrease scrap in raw material and finished goods and reuse where possible  

We recycle as much as possible in order to minimize the amount of our waste going to landfill

All of our tubes are recylcable where facilities are in place

Montebello Packaging has developed high standards of service in regard to our impact on the environment. We are dedicated to finding supplies that are of highest quality understanding that our customers expect the same. Our aluminum is made up of 99.8% pure alloy which allows for a recyclable product rather than waste. The following explains the benefits of both our laminate and aluminum tubes. 

Aluminum Tubes & Recyclability

Aluminum tubes can be recycled repeatedly, not only into cans, but aluminum foil, plates and pie molds, window frames, garden furniture, automotive and aircraft components, and aluminum engine blocks.

Recycling one kilogram of aluminum can save up to 8 kilograms of bauxite, 4 kilograms of chemical products and 14-kilowatt hours of electricity. Aluminum requires only 5% of the energy to produce a secondary metal as compared to a primary metal and generates only 5% of the greenhouse gas emissions.

At the current primary aluminum production level, known bauxite reserves will last for hundreds of years. More than 55 per cent of the world’s aluminum production is powered by renewable hydroelectric power. 


Laminate Tubes & Recylcability

Laminate tubes can be printed directly reducing the need for separate labeling. The stand-up cap and the robust, ‘bounce back’ memory of the laminate tube eliminates the need for a secondary retail box.

Mater carton requirements are also reduced as the compact, shatterproof tubes transport in lighter weight corrugated shippers than glass or cans.

Compact tubes not only keep energy requirements down during transportation but also when refrigeration is required.

Resealable tubes reduce waste as the content of the tubes can be protected and fully used.

Due to the multi-layer nature of the laminate tube it is not readily recyclable at this time. At the end of their lifecycle collapsible tubes are a low volume inert landfill or a high value BTU contributor to a recovery of energy facility.