Monfitello Inc., is the tube filling production division of Montebello Packaging, North America’s leading supplier of aluminum and laminate tubes to the pharmaceutical, industrial, cosmetic and food industries. We were established in 2007 with a mission to promote and facilitate the adoption of tubes as a preferred packaging choice.

We are equipped with 3 tube filling machines and can fill up to 100 000 tubes daily. The versatility and performance of our tube fillers are a perfect fit for our customers’ filling needs in different sectors of the food and natural health industries. We provide turnkey solutions for filling various products with a wide range of volumes and viscosity. We offer private labeling and co-packaging opportunities and aim to help you differentiate your brand with our new wave in food packaging. 

At Monfitello, we are committed to quality in every aspect of what we do! We have policies, procedures and practices in place to meet our mission and help ensure that food safety is our priority!

our no 1 goal is to provide safe and quality products to our customers

At Monfitello, we are committed to product safety and quality. Although a co-packer, we have put in place strict protocols to help us continuously exceed customer expectations and deliver consistent and reputable products. 

We understand the importance of the raw material supply chain and the food safety impact from farm to fork, which is why our Quality Assurance team evaluate all suppliers and demand good manufacturing practices and food safety certifications when applicable. Furthermore, our team conducts thorough analyses on all incoming and finished products to ensure they adhere to the set specifications. Through an established sampling plan, they also monitor and inspect all lots of finished product for consistency in organoleptic properties, compliance with physical and chemical properties and evaluate the microbial profile of the product to ensure product safety.  

We are registered with the above regulatory and certification bodies to ensure that we meet the respective regulatory and food safety requirements for all product categories for which we co-pack. We have experience handling Natural Health Products, Dietary Supplements, Maple Syrup, Processed Food Products (spice pastes & condiments), sweets and confectionary and many more

We have in place an extensive quality assurance program which uses Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP as its foundation. We are audited annually by NSF to ensure we comply with SQF standards

Our Team

Not only does our team have years of experience in selling tubes for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, they have the knowledge and expertise to help you find exactly what you are looking for. They aim to continuously provide you with innovative and novel solutions for your packaging needs. 

Quality Team

Our Executive Team function as the collective leadership body to provide support through strategic operation analysis and continuous improvement plans.  They strive to make Monfitello an industry leader in quality and service by ensuring we have the tools in place to  exceed our customer expectations! 

Sales Team

Quality and Food Safety is our number one priority. Our Quality Team are trained professionals with extensive knowledge on GMPs, HACCP, FSMA and other relevant food safety systems. With their background in food science and industry experience, they are able optimize the process flow and ensure we deliver safe quality product!

Executive Team